Sunday, June 27, 2010

No, really?

Seriously - late 2007 was my last post? A mere two and a half years later...gosh, so much has happened that I almost don't want to 'go there'.

Most recently, 'we' decided (really all the pressure was on Mom) it was time to have Dad be placed in a nursing home. Ouch. That just hurts to type even. It's not supposed to happen this way yet, it is. I'm watching the PBS special of Carole King and James Taylor's Live at the Troubadour concert special and hearing every song is making me weep. With each note, each lyric, I can trace it back to a memory somewhere in my past...and that always leads back to my parents. The two strong, loving, dedicated people that I think I truly believed would always be there - never changing, ever the same. Over the last few months, the realization that my dad is weakening, he's obviously changing - it's so hard to wrap my mind around. It just shouldn't happen this way.

Then what way, then? A horrific disease that makes every breath painful? An accident that steals him away? No, just some Parkinson's and kidney failure...thankfully, he's definitely still with us - mind, body, and spirit. It was just getting too tough on Mom to care for him day in day out. They say getting old isn't for sissies. Ain't it the truth.

My mom and I went through an OLD scrapbook over Father's Day picture that I will always treasure is me at about 6 months old sitting in my dad's lap at Christmastime. He's tipping his head back, sipping the end of a cup of coffee. I'm looking straight up at him as if to say, 'hey, save some for me!' Oh to be that young again, sitting in his lap, having those strong arms hold me...knowing it was all going to be ok.

It will be ok. I trust that God knows where we are and what we're struggling with but boy, to take just an ounce of my mother's worry, fear, sadness away would help me sleep better. Two and a half years have passed yet it does truly feel at times like a lifetime. I can't promise but I hope to be back soon. Hope you're all doing well out there in Bloggerland!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Here comes 2008!

Hi all,
Yes, a short 14 months have passed and low and behold, I return to blog! Things are going ok...but more importantly - how are you all? I'm going to try and catch up with some of you...hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season...take care and hey, pinksundrops - thanks for thinking of me :)
Peace to all...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Day after Labor Day....

Let's not focus on the past...yes, it's been five months and I'm sure most of you think I had crawled under a rock but really, I haven't - I promise.
Summer was SO BLISS...I saw Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews at FENWAY. It was AMAZING...then I saw Bon Jovi at Gilette Stadium. THAT was incredible. Then a little surprise was Dixie Chicks tickets at the Garden...that was just plain ol' fun. It was my own personal summer concert series :)
My birthday celebrations were fantastic...pool parties, dinners to exotic restaurants, being taken out to lunch three times - just crazy times, I tell you!
I didn't just have a birthDAY - I had a was a kick. My IM message reads "Who has better friends than me?" Honestly, I am surrounded by such a wonderful group of friends and family...I'm just speechless about it.
Let's see...the 'new'job (can I call it new after being there over 6 months now?) is still GREAT...the work itself, the people I get to serve with, the students and community - I can't say enough about it all...
My family is doing ok...we went through a major transition this past July with my folks moving from the home they've known for the last 16 years to 'condo living' in a city closer to doctors, hospitals, etc...the hard part is that A) they left the coast to move into 'the city' and B) we all realize that this will most likely be the last place my parents will call their 'earthly home'. Just typing that hurts my heart.

But God is so good...all that is a little nutshell of some events of the past 5 months...I'll try and update more frequently and I SO want to hit your blogs and hear how you're doing!! Leave me a message and say 'hi' :)
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

After Easter, after the Boston Marathon....

here I am. People - it's been too long! I've missed you, really. I will try and catch you up on the 'goings-on' this week but I just had to post this really quick 'I'm doing great and have no time to type' post!
Honestly....I'm LOVING the new jobbiejob and am so enjoying connecting with my new colleagues.
Last tidbit before I leave you wanting more...does anyone remember me telling you about the co-worker at my last job? He's an older gent who is REALLY rough around the edges? To make a 'only God could change him' story short - he accepted Christ last week!!! If you think of it, he's having MAJOR surgery today so please pray for a speedy recovery! Praise God!
Hope you're doing well and enjoying spring...the Red Sox won yesterday so I definitely am!! :) July 18th I have tickets!! Woooohoooo!
More later!

Friday, February 10, 2006

February 2006

Here it is...the last day at my now 'old' job. Yes, it's 8:20 pm and I'm still here! I can't just walk away from it - too many loose ends that I think I'm coming close to tying up.
Monday I begin again at a new place, new role, new people, new new new. Thankfully I enjoy newness. OK, I'm running on LITERAL emptiness right now so please don't hold these ramblings against me...
The *new* jobbiejob is pretty much what I was looking incorporates the eventplanning piece I was hoping's in a Christian environment that I'm looking forward to be apart of's got some nice bennies...after 2 years of none, that's very a vacation dealio that I like. I'm sure I'll be worked to the bone but hey, I'm used to it - I'm still at work at near 8:30pm people!!!
I'm overcommitted. There - I said it, typed it, thought it. If you know me - this is NO surprise to you. If you don't really know me...what do you think of us overcommitted types? How do you say NO and not regret it? Not think about what you're missing out on, who you're letting down, the guilt?
(Warned you that I'd ramble...)
Alrighty, need to wrap up folks...sorry so brief and SO inconsistent....maybe I've found a place where I don't OVERcommit?
Peace out blogfriends...

Monday, December 05, 2005

November 2005 - where'd you go?

Hi all...just a quickie to let you know that I'm still here and am alive and well!!! I'm so sorry I haven't kept y'all uptodate with my goings on but it's just nuts. Some good nuts, some bad...speaking of bad nuts - anyone see Dane Cook's standup monologue on SNL last Saturday? One word for you - CASHEWS. (Emphasis on the 'EWWWW')
Let's niece is expecting her 2nd baby in June :) Yes, that will make me a great aunt for the FIFTH TIME - whatever. It's just so incredible to think that the nieces and nephews who's diapers I changed, are changing the diapers of their own...
Another niece stayed over my place last night with a friend from the Rape Crisis center she works at up in VT. It was so good to see her in 'real time' and not just quickly squeezed in around holidays...
Saw 'White Christmas' the musical this weekend...with the snow we finally got, boy, am I in the CHRISTMAS MOOD! :)
I'm really just giving some details so the sweet blogger friends who have been wondering if the earth sucked me in know that I still kickin'! And no, Eddo, I haven't published your book...but I could have, (Darn why didn't I think of that!) please tell me you got it back from me!!!
Alrighty folks, I sense a new year's resolution coming more dearly, follow Thee more nearly, blog to thee more clearly - day by day.
Peace out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's just been crazy, folks, crazy....

Hi everyone, remember me?
I wouldn't blame you if you didn't - it's been ALMOST A WHOLE MONTH?!!!?? What the heck? To think my last entry was about the Lost premiere for this 2nd season!
Life has been truckin' right sister's wedding was another truly blissful much to say about that-it was incredible.
My relationships are pretty much the same right now, too. A good friend just had some major surgery a couple weeks ago so I was pretty tied up with that. (Really can't go into details, sorry.) I've celebrated some friends birthdays and had so much fun. For one party we went to this place in Nashua, NH where you can brew your own beer, wine, etc...we had some nonalcohols with us (they choose not to drink) so we made root beer and orange creme soda - SO FUN!! We designed our own labels and it was a HOOT! For another friend we went to a U2 laser show - the whole show put to U2 music. Way neato and I think all birthday peeps enjoyed the restaurants I chose as well!!
I had a job interview with a 'staffing resource company' (that just sounds so official) so now they're going to try and help me find another jobbiejob...oh joy! Pampered Chef is picking up, too, which is great cuz I have so much fun at the buddy, 1Guy, his sister had her baby girl last week - she's so adorable, even at 10lbs!! (Yes, I meant that, she was 10 lbs and a few ounces!)
Sorry to nutshell the past month but I've got to scoot to meet up with my former roomie :) We've got quite a bit to debrief...
Post a comment or two and let me know how YOU'RE doing...or yell at me from your own blogs for not returning soon...I deserve it! Take care ~